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Regent Law Faculty Scholarship

Click a faculty member's name in the list below to view scholarly papers the faculty member. To obtain citation information or locate other publications by Regent Law faculty, visit the University's School of Law / Faculty page and click on the name of the faculty member whose publications you wish to view. 

Faculty Articles




Mark Martin, LL.M. (C.J., NC Supreme Court, Ret.)

Distinguished Professors        


John Ashcroft, JD (Former Governor of Missouri, U.S. Senator and U.S. Att'y General)


Harry Hutchinson, JD, PGCE (Senior Counsel and Policy Director, ACLJ)


Jay Sekulow, JD, Ph.D. (Chief Counsel, ACLJ)



James Boland, JD


James Duane, JD


Marie Hamm, JD, MLS


Lynne Marie Kohm, JD


Kathleen McKee, LL.M.


Jeffrey Brauch, JD


Thomas Folsom, JD


Michael Hernandez, JD


Audrey Lynn, JD


Craig Stern, JD


Bruce Cameron, JD


Natt Gantt, JD


Bradley Jacob, JD


Louis Hensler III, JD


S. Ernie Walton, JD


Eric Degroff, JD


Caleb Griffin, JD

Janis Kirkland, JD


Benjamin Madison III, JD


Gloria Whittico, JD