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Regent University Law Library

Law Faculty Corner: Services

Graduate Assistant Training Program

We can provide your G.A. with an orientation to the full array of library services available and individualized training in how to research efficiently in the areas you designate.

Please contact Faculty Services for more information, or to schedule a training session for your G.A.

Faculty Copycard

  A Law Faculty copycard is always maintained at the Access Services Desk for your convenience, and that of your GA!

Law Run

Law Run is absolutely the best way to obtain books, photocopies and other materials from, or return them to the law library. 


We deliver to and pick up from faculty suites, at 10:00 am and 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

To request items, call ext. 4450, complete a Material Request Form, or contact Faculty Services.

Faculty Services @ Regent Law Library


Bill Magee and his team are available to:

  • Assist with research projects
  • Create personalized current awareness or electronic alert services
  • Provide training in the most effective use library resources
  • Develop customized training for research GAs
  • Design In-class lectures or hands-on instruction sessions on specialized aspects of legal research

Use links in the header above to access law library information, services and the hundreds of thousands of print and online legal research resources available to you, courtesy of the Law Library.

This page highlights services to Members of the Law Faculty.  Other pages of Law Faculty Corner set forth policy, describe collections, and point to resources on getting published.

Legal Research Instruction & Support

Each member of the Law Library Faculty has earned both the J.D. and a Masters in information science, making them uniquely qualified to:

  • Guest lecture on specialized research topics
  • Lead hands-on training sessions in the library
  • Demonstrate effective use of library resources
  • Provide individual assistance to particular students.

Sessions may be custom-tailored to meet your teaching goals.

Please contact Faculty Services for more information.