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All Faculty Common Read 2018-2019: Home

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University Chapel Schedule

University Chapel Schedule

Location: Regent Chapel

Time: 12:00 - 1:00 PM

September 19, 2018
Dr. Corné Bekker
The Pursuit of Wisdom

October 31, 2018
Dr. Micah Mattix
The Soul of the Professor

December 5, 2018
Dr. Bill Hathaway
Nourishing the Soul of the University

January 23, 2019
Dr. Josh McMullen
The Soul of the University and the Word of God

February 6, 2019
Dr. Mark Jumper
Who Are We?

Reading Guide


What comprises the soul of a Christian university and what is necessary to strengthen it, restore it, or maintain it?


Introduction - Chapter 5 (1-112)

  • "Saving the soul of the university requires, we believe, understanding that the soul of the research university is not merely a purpose. It also includes its central identity and the story that connects that identity to the transcendent story of the universe and its Author. This identity and its story provide the source for the university's ultimate moral ideals and various purposes such as the moral ideal about what it means to be human..." (5)
  • "Contemplating truth involves becoming reconciled to God and then learning God's wisdom through an intimate, loving friendship." (21)
  • "What became lost as the medieval vision of the university developed was the need for the Christian story and Christian theology to undergird and inform the development of these virtues and practices for learning." (36)


Chapters 6 - 8 (113-160)

  • "Since universities have been around for over eight hundred years, one would think that we would have a fairly stable understanding of the academic vocation and what constitutes a 'good' professor." (114)
  • "This fragmentation is also exacerbated by another difficulty facing the contemporary multiversity. These institutions have largely discarded the Christian metaphysics and narrative for determining what a flourishing human being is and the way to achieve that end." (148)


​Chapters 9 - 11 (161-223)

  • "If the professional administrator is an integral and necessary part of an institution fragmented by sin, what is his or her role in proclaiming and bringing about its redemption and the nourishing of its soul?" (176)
  • "The rise of online/for-profit higher education has in part been a product of the university's development as a creator and dispenser of prestige and the costs and inefficiencies that have accompanied that model." (218)


Chapters 12 - 14 (225-271)

  • "The contemporary post-Christian context, we contend, provides a wonderful opportunity for theology to be set free to fulfill a much grander role - being a servant that can nourish the soul of the university." (227)
  • "...we contend that any approach to integrating virtue must not prioritize teaching over scholarship or service but should instead prioritize the role of the triune God and God's theological story in defining, directing, and empowering the virtues that sustain excellence in these practices and help promote flourishing academic communities." (245)


Chapters 15 - 16 (272-320)

  • "The most beautiful that we do not define everything about ourselves. God, our Creator, defines who we are. If we wish to foster students' development, we need to remind them of who they are in God's eyes." (281)


Library Discussion Schedule

Library Discussion Schedule

Location: Library Gallery, Main Floor towards the back

Time: 9:00 - 10:30AM

September 21, 2018
Dr. William Skiles
The Multiversity: what is it and how did we get here?

November 2, 2018
Dr. Dominick Hankle
A Flourishing Human Being in the Academy

November 30, 2018
Dr. James Flynn
Online Education: a response to fragmentation

January 25, 2019
Dr. Kathleen Patterson
Faithful Teaching, Scholarship, and Service