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Law Review Cite Check

Law Library Databases, Cite-Check, and You!

The Law Library has a plethora of databases that can be invaluable for cite-check.  Although HeinOnline is probably most the most familiar, it is only one of many!

When you do a search in the Online Catalog, the result list will include both print AND electronically held titles.  In many cases, simply clicking the link will automatically connect you to the specific resource.  However, occassionally the link will simply take you to the database homepage and it will be up to you to navigate to the resource you need.  

NOTE: There are still many resources within the databases that can only be located by direct searching.

PDF Databases

PDF---IF you work for it a little . . .

With these databases, PDF is like Prego--IT'S IN THERE.  You just gotta work for it a little. 

No idea WHAT I'm talking about?  Click here for an 80's classic.

REALLY helpful Databases . . .