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Past Events: Light of the World Art Exhibit

Photos of the Event

In the News

About the Exhibit

Regent University was honored to introduce "Light of the World," a prophetic oil painting in the renaissance style. Representing the Nativity story as one that embraces diverse peoples across time, the painting also brings the Nativity to life beyond Christmas day. Created by talented Florida artist Keith Goodson, the painting was God-inspired and anointed from the first brush stroke. Just as impressive as the quality of the artwork, the sheer size of the painting, a massive 12 feet by 36 feet, overwhelms us with the abundance of Christ’s love. Light is used strategically and symbolically in the painting to emphasize the miraculous story of our Lord’s birth for all the earth.

About the Artist

With quiet confidence, and a breathtaking collection of heartfelt artworks, Keith Goodson has emerged as a talented and passion-filled artist with a mission to inspire others to see beauty in the world and to fulfill their own God-given talents. Furthermore, Keith admits that he has a passion for telling stories, “to bring my faith to the canvas just like a sermon on canvas.” His phenomenal painting “Light of the World” does just that. Keith explains, “What makes it unique is the fact that when you look at it, you are a participant and you come (to) that very moment that Christ was born, and you recognize that even though it was 2,000 years ago, it is still an eternal flame (that) burns in everyone.” The painting was acknowledged in December 2010 on a CBN news story. In addition, Charisma, the number one Charismatic Christian magazine in America with a monthly readership of 275,000, will be featuring the painting in a January 2012 article on prophetic art.

Since childhood, Keith’s life has been filled with determination to use his natural gift of art. He studied tenaciously, exploring the works of many great artists, including Goya, Vermeer, and Michelangelo. What inspired him about these past greats was the fact that they did more than paint; they changed the world with their art, and they left a legacy. Keith notes, “The best artists have been visionaries painting out of passion and not out of obligation.”

Keith spent the beginning of his art career challenging and proving himself, but once he got past that, his truest art began to emerge. “After you master your technique, the real expression comes out,” Keith says. Keith is multifaceted in his craft, having done award-winning murals and large projects that require unique and special skills, such as painting a water tower in 3D. He continues to inspire with a new series incorporating glass, light, metal, and precious stones, creating a combination of color, texture, and photo-realism.