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Criminal Procedure: Introduction


Welcome to Criminal Procedure!

This LibGuide is intended for a wide variety of users, spanning from practicing attorneys to those with only a rudimentary understanding of criminal procedure. The website provides access to practice handbooks as well as legal forms for practicing attorneys. It also provides secondary sources for those needing to familiarize themselves with the subject of criminal procedure. Students will also find this LibGuide helpful when preparing for a criminal procedure exam or writing a legal research brief. Exploratory reading is also available through this LibGuide, as interested users can access law articles, secondary sources covering different stages of criminal procedure, and other publications.   

How to use this Libguide

Users: I am…

A law student: If you are a law student, you will likely find the tab “Student Resources” helpful. There you will find study aids, question-and-answer styled books for exam preparation, and access to Cali Lessons (if a subscriber). The “Pre-Trial, Trial, and Post-Trial” tabs may also be useful to you if desiring a more detailed presentation of criminal procedure.

A practicing attorney: If practicing within the state of Virginia, the “Virginia Resources” tab will be most helpful to you. If, however, you are practicing in another jurisdiction, the “Primary Sources” and “Sentencing” tabs are the best resources.

Conducting legal research: The Pre-Trial, Trial, and Post-Trial tab will likely be the best starting point in terms of gaining an understanding of your specific topic in criminal procedure. Once you have become familiar with your topic, you may decide to move to “Primary Sources,” in order to find pertinent cases and statutes.


Criminal Procedure

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