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Criminal Procedure: N.C. Resources

Overview of N.C. Resources

This page provides both primary and secondary resources regarding criminal procedure in North Carolina. The majority of the page is dedicated to offering assistance to those practicing law in North Carolina. Attorneys can find a wealth of information pertaining to the stages of a criminal trial here. Information regarding jury instructions and sentencing can be found near the bottom of the page. Likewise, these sources may be helpful for users seeking to refresh their familiarity with criminal law and procedure, as well as for those new to the practice of criminal procedure.   

N.C. Primary Sources - Print

These Primary Print Sources are open to public viewing in the Regent University Law Library.

   - North Carolina Case Law

  • Supreme Court Opinions
    • South Eastern Reporter
  • Court of Appeals Opinions
    • South Eastern Reporter

   - North Carolina Codes and Statutes

  • General Statutes of North Carolina Annotated (LexisNexis)
  • North Carolina Administrative Code (Thompson Reuters)

N.C. Jury Instructions

N.C. Secondary Sources - Print