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Criminal Procedure: Primary Sources

Overview of Primary Sources

Primary sources fall into two categories: cases and statues. In the first category, cases, there are decisions from both federal and state courts, as well as higher courts, such as the United States Supreme Court, and lower courts. Cases provide the judicial interpretation of statutes, as well as the underlying policy rationales accompanying such decisions. Likewise, statutes can be enacted by the federal legislature (Congress) or state legislatures. Primary sources are a necessary resource for attorneys writing briefs, or memorandums of law, or making any request upon the court.



Primary Resources - Electronic

Use these online resources to find both cases and statutes. Also, browse through federal material, state-specific material, or both. 

Primary Sources - Print

These Primary Print Sources are open to public viewing in the Regent University Law Library.

   - Federal Statutes and Codes

  • United States Code
  • United States Code Annotated
  • United States Code Service
  • Federal Register
  • Code of Federal Regulations

   - Federal Case Law

  • United States Supreme Court Opinions:
    • United States Reports; Supreme Court Reported; and  United States Supreme Court Reports, Lawyer's Edition
  • United States Court of Appeals Opinions:
    • Federal Reporter and Federal Appendix
  • United States District Court Opinions:
    • Federal Supplement 

  - State Case Law

  • Regional Reporters:
    • Atlantic
    • North Eastern
    • North Western Pacific
    • South Eastern
    • Southern
    • South Western
    • California, and
    • New York Supplement

   - State Codes and Statutes

  • Various States


Tools to find Primary Sources

  • General Searching
    • Decennial Digests
    • West's General Digest
  • Virginia Searching
    • Shepard's Virginia Citations
    • Virginia and West Virginia Digest


Virginia Primary Sources - Print

These Primary Print Sources are open to public viewing in the Regent University Law Library.

   - Virginia Case Law

  • Supreme Court Opinions
    • Virginia Reports; South Eastern Reporter
  • Court of Appeals Opinions
    • Virginia Court of Appeals Reports; South Eastern Reporter
  • Circuit Court Opinions
    • Virginia Circuit Court Opinions

   - Virginia Codes and Statutes

  • Code of Virginia 1950
  • West's Annotated Code of Virginia
  • Virginia Administrative Code
  • Virginia Register of Regulations
  • Code of Ordinances for:
    • Virginia Beach
    • Norfolk
    • Chesapeake
    • Portsmouth