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Distance Student Research & Services: Books

'Book Chapter' Requests

If you only need a short page range of a book, say pages 56-80, use the "book chapter" request option in our ILLiad system.

 • It's faster
 • Avoid return shipping costs
 • Works on books the University Library doesn't have!

If the Library has the book:

You can request it through the Interlibrary Loan ILLiad system.

Just log into the ILLiad system and chose "book" under the New Request menu option. Fill out the form and hit submit.

  • You can only request books that are in the University Library's collections (Update! See #2 in the section below)
  • Not all books are the type that can be checked out (e.g. reference books don't)
  • Make sure the ILLiad system has your correct address listed for delivery
  • You will be responsible for return shipping costs when you mail the book back to the Library

If you need any assistance, or have any questions, visit our ILL guide or contact a member of our ILL department.

If the Library doesn't have the book:

1. Gain borrowing privileges with a college, university, or seminary in your area (Two options):

First option:  Regent University Library participates in several reciprocal borrowing agreements that allow Regent students, faculty, and staff in-person borrowing privileges at participating colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada - extending direct user access to print resources at no cost. These programs are particularly useful to those living closer to a participating library - providing more convenient and timely access to materials.

Borrowing privileges are determined by the lending library and may differ from your borrowing privileges at Regent Library. Users are responsible for returning checked out material to the lending library and for any fees or charges incurred. 

We currently participate in four (4) reciprocal/cooperative borrowing programs. To learn more about these programs including names of participating libraries, borrowing privileges and more, click here

Second option:  Many universities, colleges and seminaries have a system whereby a person from the general public can gain the ability to borrow books by paying an annual fee (Regent University Library charges $50 for this privilege, for example).

The University Library offers a reimbursement program to our distance students to assist them in obtaining when a fee is charged for Library use.

    • Distance students may be reimbursed for one library card per academic year (July 1 to June 30)
    • Maximum reimbursement limit is $100.00 per academic year
    • Regent University Library will not pay for a local library card prior to purchase or contact another library for you.

It is the responsibility of distance students to obtain the following information, in order to make an informed decision:

    • How long is the library card valid?
    • How long may materials be checked out?
    • What types of materials may be checked out (i.e. books, videos, etc.)?
    • How many items may be borrowed at one time?
    • What are the overdue policies of that library?


    • Please email Dorothy Hargett, Head of Access Services, at or call 757.352.4150 and inform them of the cost of the library card that is desired.
    • When purchasing the library card, you must request a receipt. Please copy this receipt for your records.
    • Please complete this Reimbursement Request Form and send it with the original receipt to the address on the form.

2. Use your local public library's interlibrary loan

Public libraries in many countries have an interlibrary loan service that is usually free or has a small fee.

3. Use our limited service in interlibrary loan to request it (NEW!)

Distance students can now use our Interlibrary Loan to request books from other libraries that are unavailable in the Regent collection. This service is available for distance students that live within the Continental United States. Please keep in mind that the items are first delivered to Regent Library then shipped to your address which will result in a shorter check-out period. Due to the shorter check-out period, you may want to consider using your local public library ILL department for this service.