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Divinity & Religion Research: World Religions

Identifies key divinity and religion resources for Regent University students and researchers.

World Religions

Here are selected sites for the major world religions, other than Christianity.  The best all-around starting point is the Wabash Center Guide for Internet Resources: World Religions.  It is comprehensive, well-organized, and annotated.

The Virtual Religion Index by Mahlon H. Smith is a great starting point that includes a significant number of links to Buddhism, Islam, Hindu, and Judaism Web sites.
            Bahai    Hinduism    Judaism    Sikhism    New Movements    Buddhism    Islam    Shinto    Geographic    Interfaith Dialogue 


Bahai World -- Sacred Writings, Doctrine, Directories, Contact Info.

Buddhism: -- "Sponsored by the Buddha Dharma Education Association, the aim of this site is to encourage a community of Buddhists in the English speaking world, providing resources & info."

Buddhism Portal E-Sangha -- Offers Free E-Books, Discussion Forum, Free E-Cards & an Extensive Collection of Links to Buddhist Resources.

Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library   -- Academic Centers, Reference, Site Search Engine, Updated Daily.

Resources for the Study of Buddhism -- An Extensive Selection of Primary Material, Commentaries, Articles, and Text Translations Compiled by Dr. Roon Epstein, a Philosophy Professor at San Francisco State University.




A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam -- For Non-Muslims Who Want to Understand Islam, Muslims, & the Holy Quran (Koran); Rich in Information, References, & Bibliography.

Introduction to Islam -- Hosted by the Middle East Institute, This is a Full-Text Electronic Version of M.Cherif Bassiouni's Book, Introduction to Islam.

Islam and Islamic Studies Resources -- An Excellent, Selective Guide to Islamic Resources on the Web by Alan Godlas, a Specialist in Islamic Studies at the University of Georgia.

Quran Browser -- Browse and Compare Quran Translations or Search an English Text by Keyword, Word-part, or Chapter & Verse.






The Sikhism Homepage -- History, Teachings, Resources, Introductory Information.

Geographic Area:                                                                           


New Religious Movements Research:

CESNUR/Center for Studies on New Religion -- Search for Information by Keyword or Browse Articles and Other International Resources; Directed by an Italian scholar, Massimo Introvigne, of Torino, Italy.

Interfaith Dialogue:

Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions -- Cultivates Harmony Among the World's Religious & Spiritual Communities & Foster their Engagement with the World & Its Other Guiding Institutions in Order to Achieve a Peaceful, Just, & Sustainable World.

Harvard Divinity School Center for the Study of World Religions -- Centered at Harvard University, This is a Research Center for the Comparative, Historical, & Cultural Study of the World's Major Religions & Spiritual Traditions.


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