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Eng 315 African American Literature : Books

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Keyword Suggestions

African American Literature
African American Literature AND Feminism
African American Authors
African American Fiction
African American Literature AND History
African American Authors AND Short Stories
African American Literature AND Criticism
African American Authors AND Spiritual Narratives
African American Literature AND Slave Narratives
African American Women Writers AND 20th Century
African American Authors and Non-fiction
African American Literature AND Urban Realism
African American Literature AND Anthologies
African American Poetry
Antebellum Literature
Harlem Renaissance
Harlem Renaissance AND Children's Literature
Morrison, Toni AND Contemporary Criticism
Ellison, Ralph Criticism AND Interpretation
Dunbar, Paul Laurence
Equiano, Olaudah
Hughes, Langston
Hurston, Zora Neale

Relevant Call Numbers

For browsing purposes, the main relevant Library of Congress (LC) call numbers for African American literature are: 

PS153.N5   American literature—African American authors (History focused)

American literature—African American authors (Collections focused)

The following two call numbers are also considered germane LC call numbers:

PS591.N4  American Poetry--African American authors

PS628.N4  American Drama--African American authors

Relevant Subject Headings

When searching for books the main Library of Congress (LC) subject heading for African American Literature is:

American literature--African American authors

This heading is also divided by LC subheadings.  Some subheadings you may want to try in order to narrow your search further are:

  • American literature -- African American authors -- 20th century
  • American literature—African American authors—Bibliography
  • American literature--African American authors--Classical influences
  • American literature -- African American authors -- Encyclopedias
  • American literature—African American authors—History and criticism
  • American literature—African American authors—History and criticism—Theory, etc.
  • American literature--African American authors--Stories, plots, etc.
  • American literature--African American authors--Study and teaching

Any of the above LC subject headings can be entered into the Regent Library Catalog and searched by subject by selecting this field under the drop-down arrow.