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What topic do you currently know the most about
Peer Review: 8 votes (30.77%)
Summon: 4 votes (15.38%)
Boolean Operators: 3 votes (11.54%)
Google Scholar: 3 votes (11.54%)
Web Sources: 2 votes (7.69%)
E-books: 6 votes (23.08%)
Total Votes: 26

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How long is each session?

SHORT ANSWER: It depends

We stick to 15 minutes, however if the group is small and wants to engage longer, we'll do it. We'll continue talking about the topic in more depth, address topics that arise in the course of discussing the topic or answer questions. If you need to find sources for an assignment & others agree the search would benefit them, we'll do that too.


Book Radiating Knowledge

"knowledge" by pfv. (Pedro Veneroso) is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0   

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What's Covered in HOT Topics?

We'll explain about the use of library subscription resources such as

  • books/e-books, streaming video, dissertations, images, e-references, news, magazine articles, & conference proceedings.

We'll also address freely accessible, or open access (OA) web sources like 

  • social networking sites like ResearchGate, Wikipedia*government publications/websites

*Wikipedia is an accessible tertiary source used by academics for information about anything, and as a quick "ready reference" to get a sense of a concept or idea. However, it is not acceptable to cite Wikipedia in research papers. You should never use it as a source, rather, it is a source for sources.