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Regent University - Library

International Student Resources & Services: Glossary R-Z

This LibGuide was created to help International Students learn about Regent University Library resources and succeed in conducting library research.


The glossary is written within several different pages: A-C, D-I, L-P and R-Z.  You can access the continuing pages under the title, "Glossary."

Glossary R-Z

Recall - Recall is a service through which you can request a book that has already been checked out by another patron.  When the books is returned to the library, it  will be held for you and you will be notified.

Reference Collection - Reference collections are located in Regent University Library. These collections consist of materials used frequently for general information such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, indexes, and other materials.  These materials not be checked out of the library.

Reference Desk - Regent University no longer has a designated reference desk.  To get assistance, please go to the Circulation desk and request assistance from a reference librarian or go online and contact a reference librarian at:

Renew/Renewal - Renew is a service which allows you to extend the loan period for the book that you have checked out unless another user has recalled the book.  You can renew your books through the Regent University Library Catalog.

Reserves & E-Reserves - Reserves are required reading/listening/viewing materials that can be used for limited periods of time [(set by the professor(s) for their students)].  Print and video reserves are available at the Circulation Desk to checkout.  For more information visit at:

Scholarly and/or Popular Articles -  For greater detail, see the page on Scholarly versus Popular.

Serial - Any publication issued in successive parts, appearing at intervals, usually regular ones, and, as a rule, intended to be continued indefinitely.  The term includes Periodicals, newspapers, annuals, numbered monographic series and the proceedings, transactions and memoirs of societies. (From Harrods...Glossary).

Stacks - The shelves or bookcases on which library materials are stored.  The plural, "stacks", is usually used. ("The book is located in the stacks on 2nd floor).  As library staff for assistance in locating an item in the library's stack.

Style Manuals/ Guides - Special resources which illustrate the accepted forms for citing references in bibliographies, footnotes, and endnotes.  Some style manuals are for general use.  Others are published by professional associations as form guides for articles in journals in that field of knowledge and research.  Contact reference staff for help.

Zotero - FireFox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources.  See "Citation Management" page.