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Law Library Services and Policies: Student Info

Safety First!

Regent University prides itself on the relative safety of the entire campus. Instances of misconduct have been very rare. Student awareness is an important part of maintaining this standard. Please do not leave valuable personal items unattended. The Law Library is not responsible for the personal items of its patrons. If you suspect a theft has occurred or need to report any other incident, please promptly contact campus police and inform a law library staff or faculty member on duty.

Missing items:  Lost and Found. 

Report an incident: Campus Police

Facilities Policies

Noise Policies

The Conversational Side is designed to facilitate group interaction and low level conversation. Noisy or loud conversation is not permitted, and devices must be muted.

The Quiet Side is designed to provide opportunity for quiet individual study.  Conversations should be in hushed tones only, phone calls are not permitted, and devices must be muted.



Wireless access is available throughout the law library. Use Regent Public network.
Sound must be muted on all devices. Remove phone calls to the balcony or first floor.

Students may print materials from the Computer Lab or from their own devices for $0.05/page. Directions on printing from your own device are provided by the University IT Department. Please select the printer Lab_Lib327_LJ600. This is the printer located in the back corner of the computer lab. For FAQs and to buy additional printing credit, please visit the IT Department's website.

Regent  Law Library provides more than just books for check out!  Not only do we have Study Rooms and many reading collections, but LAW Juris Doctor, Masters, and L.L.M. Students may also check out items such as Headphones (with both wire and Bluetooth wireless capabilities), Lightning and Micro-USB Charging Cables, HDMI Cables and more.

Please visit the Law Access Services Desk for further information on this further-developing selection of items.

Food and Drink

A Student Lounge, with seating, a microwave, drink maker, and sink, is provided for students.

Drinks are permitted in cans or containers with lids. Food is permitted, where not noisy or aromatic enough to disturb others studying nearby.

Personal electronic appliances are not permitted in the Law Library. 

Balcony & Computer Lab

Photo of law library balconyThe Law Library Balcony is a popular spot.

Though this space is occasionally affected by noise from University events, all Law Library policies apply and users are asked to be considerate of the study needs of those around them.

The 12-seat Computer Lab is most heavily used for printing. A monochrome laser printer is located in the Computer Lab. Quiet Side noise policies apply.


Fall 2022 Carrel Sign-ups: 2L and 3L students may reserve a carrel beginning Monday, August 22nd through Wednesday, August 24th from 9:00 am-5:00 pm each day

1L students may reserve a carrel beginning Thursday, August 25th through Friday, August 26th from 6:00 am-5:00 pm each day

Carrel sign-ups are generally conducted at the beginning of the fall semester on a first-come, first-served basis, by class (2Ls and 3Ls, then 1Ls, and Master's students). Rental is $20/year (fall and spring semesters).  No Proxies! Fee must be paid by check or cash. No other forms of payment are accepted. 

Carrel Map 

Carrel holders in good standing have a right of first refusal on that carrel for subsequent semesters. Carrel holders who no longer need their carrel are strongly encouraged to release their carrel reservation, making the carrel available for another student.

Items that circulate may be checked out to a carrel at the service desk. Library materials on carrels without a visible checkout slip will be reshelved.

Carrel holders must follow posted carrel usage guidelines.  The Law Library reserves the right to reclaim a carrel for violation of library policy.

Study Rooms

General: The Law Library provides formal reading areas and relaxed seating, quiet and conversational areas, group and individual study rooms, study tables, 128 individual carrels, and a student lounge. Eleven study rooms, as well as the Tragos Room, and the Dana/Mooradkanian Conference Room (located in the administrative offices suite) are available to Regent Faculty, Regent Graduate Students, and local Practitioners. 

Study Rooms: The Law Library offers both group and individual study rooms. Six study rooms are equipped with wall-mounted LCD displays and HDMI connections to facilitate collaborative study. Rooms may be checked-out to one or more persons for 4 hours at a time. Study rooms can be checked out at the Law Library Access Services Desk. Find Study Rooms on the Map. 

The Tragos Room:  Provided through the generous gift of George E. and Demetria M. Tragos, this enhanced study room is available for reservation and checkout by groups of 5 to 10. Overlooking the Regent campus and affording a spectacular view of Robertson Hall, the Tragos Room is designed to facilitate collaborative study, and features a seventy inch (70") LCD display and an extra large glass board. Additionally, the Room is directly adjacent to the Law Library's Special Collections Room. (Click here for more details about Law Special Collections.)

Dana/Mooradkanian Law Library Conference Room:  The Law Library Conference Room is available for checkout by reservation ONLY.  The Conference Room can seat up to 15 individuals and is equipped with an extra-large dry erase board.  The Room also includes a projector, drop-down screen, and computer terminal that are available for use. 

*** Please call ahead if you wish to reserve the Conference Room or the Tragos Room. You can contact the Access Services Desk at (757) 352-4450.

Borrowing Materials


Borrowing from Regent University Law Library

The majority of the law collection is non-circulating.  Items that do circulate may be checked out in accordance with the following:








30 Days
1 week

1 renewal
1 renewal

.25/hour; $4.00/day


  1. Materials borrowed from Regent libraries are subject to recall 30 days after the check out date. A recalled item must be returned within 5 days of the recall. The fine for late return of a recalled item is $1.00 per day.
  2. Items may generally be renewed via the Library Catalog, in person at the Service Desk, or by phone at 757.352.4450. However, if a hold has been placed on an item, or the patron has outstanding fines, the item cannot be renewed.
  3. Interlibrary Loan items accrue a fine of $1.00 per day.
    Items that become lost will be billed to the borrower at full replacement cost.

Borrowing from Other Libraries

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

If the book or article you need is not available at Regent or through a LOCAL member of the Tidewater Consortium (below), you may Submit an ILL Request.

  • Book Requests: In advance, use WorldCat to obtain the ISBN or ISSN number, the OCLC number, and Call Number, where available.
  • Special Requests: If you need a title page, copyright page, copy of the spine, etc, please put that information in the 'Notes' field.

Tidewater Consortium

Regent University is a member of the Tidewater Consortium for Higher Education, an association of 15 Virginia colleges and universities having reciprocal agreements for sharing their resources, including library materials.

Regent Law students may check books out from all member libraries. To do so, they must present the following:

  • A valid Regent ID card; AND
  • A Tidewater Consortium card (obtained from the Law Library Service desk).

Consortium Libraries: ( * = local libraries for purposes of ILL)