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Law Library Special Collections

Accessing the Collection

To inquire about conducting research in this collection or to make an appointment to use the Special Collections Room, please call  (757) 352-4145, or  email

About Ralph Johnson Bunche


Dr. Ralph Johnson Bunche served the United States and the world brilliantly, and in countless ways.

Credited with many accomplishments in diplomacy and political science, he reached the pinnacle of his career as the recipient of the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize for his armistice negotiation between Israel and four separate Arab nations (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria). He was also the first African American recipient of that prize.

To learn more, read Professor Charles Oates' article, Ralph Bunche: Distinguished Scholar, International Statesman and Equal Rights Activist, published in the Regent Journal of International Law.

About the Collection

The Ralph Johnson Bunche Personal Library consists of over 400 items, books, journals, journal articles, newspapers, magazines, news clippings and other miscellaneous documents and personal items dating from the 1930s until the 1960s.

These are the items which comprised the personal library of Dr. Bunche at the time of his death. Regent University Law Library purchased this library at auction from a rare book dealer in 1999.