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Law Library Special Collections

The Ken North Collection



This collection of beautifully bound legal classics was lovingly donated in memoriam. We are honored to make its volumes available to patrons for study and scholarly research.‚Äč

Accessing the Ken North Collection

The Ken North Collection is on display in the Law Library administrative suite, and does not circulate.  Please contact Research Services at (757) 352-4145, or to arrange to use titles from this collection.

About Ken North

On April 9, 2000, the Regent community lost a dear friend, Dr. Kenneth E. North, a gifted scholar, dedicated Christian, and loving husband and father.

Colleagues and students remember him fondly as the professor who brought Law Office Management and Criminal Law to life at Regent.

Dr. North served on the law faculty of Regent University from 1994 until 1998, and from 1998 to 2000 in the office of the Provost. He was a founder of the Canon Law Institute, a scholarly resource center, think tank, and support organization for Christian denominations throughout the world.

The Cannon Law Collection

One of Ken’s passions was the Canon Law Institute, which he helped found in 1990.

This collection contains Professor North's entire library of titles focusing on church conflict, conflict resolution, protestant canon law (though it does contain some Catholic works) and related historical titles.

Accessing the Cannon Law Collection

Those wishing to access the collection should contact Research Services at (757) 352-4145 or