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Solutions for Library Database Login Issues: Home

Solutions for Library Database Login Issues

We are sorry you are having trouble. We hope this will help:

1.  First, if you haven’t already, sign in through the library at Primo. Signing in solves most problems.

2.   Please verify that you are using the following login information:

    a.  MyRegent ID – seven letters before

    b.  Password – same as for portal and Blackboard

    c.  Check that autofill is not on and adding an incorrect password when you attempt your login.

3.  Also, try clearing your computer’s cache/cookies/browsing history. Depending on your browser, this is a simple way of attempting to clear up any issues that your account is having. Clearing your cache and cookies, specifically, may be particularly helpful if you are working on a laptop. 

For a tutorial for how to clean your browsing data, please use these links:


4.  For setting browser requirements and preferences:

5.  You may need to switch your browser to Chrome, Safari or Firefox, which are the most recommended browsers.

6.  If you get an error message that tells you your “login is not unique,” call the number below, and the circulation staff can fix your account quickly.

7.  Lastly, if the above does not work, we would recommend you change your password. The link to the password change is here: Remember the password change will affect all Regent log-ins, including the MyRegent Portal, Blackboard, etc.

Please let us know if you have any further questions! You can contact us at 757-352-4150.

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