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Regent University - Library

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Library Systems Troubleshoot

Having trouble connecting/logging in to a Library system or database?


Call:  757-352-4150


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Library Administration:

Mailing Address:
Regent University Library
1000 Regent University Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23464-5037

Comments and Feedback


Name Title Phone Email
Esther Gillie, DMin Dean 757-352-4185 egillie
  Business Manager & Special Projects 757-352-4170  


Name Title - (Subject Specialty) Phone Email
Georgianne Bordner Head of Technical Services/Librarian 757-352-4493 georbor
Esther Gillie Dean of the University Library (Divinity Librarian) 4185 egillie
Dorothy Hargett Head of Access Services/Asst Librarian (Psychology & Counseling) 757-352-4152 dorohar
Harold Henkel Electronic Resources Librarian (Business & Leadership; Communication; History; English) 757-352-4198 harohen
Ann Moriarty Asst Librarian (Government, Nursing) 757-352-4184 amoriarty
Robert Sivigny Emeritus n/a robesiv
Leanne Strum, Ph.D. Librarian Emeritus n/a lstrum
Sandra Yaegle Head of Public Services/Assoc Librarian (Education; Sciences/STEM) 757-352-4165 sandyae

Access Services


Name Title Phone Email
Dorothy Hargett Head of Access Services 757-352-4152 dorohar
Patty Hughson Access Services ILL/DD Supervisor 757-352-4424 patrhug
J. Abraham Carter Access Services ILL/DD Supervisor 757-352-4158 acarter
Christine Payne Access Services Supervisor 757-352-4159 chripa4


Systems & Technical Services

Name Title Phone Email
Georgianne Bordner Head of Technical Services 757-352-4493 georbor
Melissa Danko Cataloging Specialist 757-352-4173 mdanko
Paulette Thompson Periodicals Supervisor 757-352-4163 paultho
Mark Zillges Systems Manager 757-352-4169 markzil

Special Collections

Name Title Phone Email
Donald Gantz Special Collections Supervisor 757-352-4154 donagan