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Staff Directory


Name Title Phone Email
Esther Gillie Dean of the University Library 757.352.4185 contact Esther
Jonathan Bekker Operations & Business Manager 757.352.4185 contact Jonathan

Public Services and Resource Management

Name Title Phone Email
Dorothy Hargett Head of Public Services and Resource Management 757.352.4152 contact Dorothy
Sarah Balding Public Services Supervisor 757.352.4163 contact Sarah
Christine Payne Public Services Supervisor 757.352.4159 contact Christine
Khai Talavera Public & Fulfillment Services Supervisor 757.352.4619 contact Khai
Elizabeth Keen Fulfillment Services Supervisor 757.352.4424 contact Liz
Julia Fernandes Resource Purchasing & Management Supervisor 757.352.4158 contact Julia
Noah Musicant Purchasing & Fulfillment Specialist 757.352.4310 contact Noah

Research and Instruction

Name Title Phone Email
Meredith Ader Head of Research & Instruction 757-352-4184 contact Meredith
Denise Crews Instruction Librarian 757-352-4121 contact Denise

Special Collections

Name Title Phone Email
Harold Henkel Head of Special Collections, Archives and Digital Initiatives 757.352.4198 contact Harold

Library Systems and Technical Services

Name Title Phone Email
Carine Mattix Head of Library Systems & Technical Services 757.352.4824 contact Carine
Melissa Danko Technical Services Supervisor 757.352.4173 contact Melissa

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