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Spotlight on Faculty Scholarship: Articles

Featured Articles

Fall 2019 Faculty Spotlight: Featured Articles


Skiles, W. (2018). Spying in God’s house: The Nazi secret police and sermons of opposition. Church History and Religious Culture, 98(3-4), 425-447.

Cartledge, M. J. (2018, ND). Spirit empowered “walking alongside:” Towards a renewal theology of public life’, Journal of Pentecostal Theology 27 (1) pp. 14-36. Received the Foundation for Pentecostal Scholarship Award for Excellence, March 2019.

Cunningham, G. O., and Grooms, L. D. (2018) Exploring the predictive relationship between perceived caring by school principals and teacher absenteeism and retention. Journal of Education and Social Policy, 5(4), pp.121-130. doi:10.30845/jesp.v5n4p15


Runyan, H., Grothaus, T., and Michel, B. (2019). Classroom management competencies for school counselors: A delphi study. Professional School Counseling 22(1), 1-12. DOI: 10.1177/2156759X19834293​

Hamm, M., Madison, B., III, and Murnane, R., The rubric meets the road in law schools: Program assessment of student learning outcomes as a fundamental way for law schools to improve and fulfill their respective missions, 95 DET. MER. L. REV. 343 (2018) (with Prof. Ben Madison and Dr. Ryan Murnane).

Mattix, M (2018). Ivan Turgenev was distrusted by the Left and the Right. Humanities: A publication of the national endowment for the humanities 39(4).  Retrieved from


Shaw, M., Winston, B. Patterson, K, and Firestone, S. (November 2018). Understanding how transformational servant leadership affects student leadership development in a higher education program in China. Servant Leadership: Theory and Practice.


Redmer, T.A.O. (2019). “Research Opportunities Featuring Christian Businesses: Case Teaching Notes, Tackling the Hard Part First.” Christian Business Academy Review. Spring, 2019.

Sulemana, I., & Agyapong, E. (2019). Subjective well-being and political participation: Empirical evidence from Ghana. Review of Development Economics, 23(3),1368-1386. doi:10.1111/rode.12592