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Library Gallery

Photos of current and past displays held in the Regent University Library gallery

Fall Exhibition 2022

Regent University Library is pleased to present


a photographic essay by Drew Gillie


Drew is a 3D technical artist and spends his free time going on adventures in search of waterfalls, sea glass, and cool rocks. He holds a BS in Motion Picture Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and is working on an MS in Visualization from Texas A&M. He has a passion for photography, videography, and post production processes. For more information and other amazing works by Drew, or to purchase any of Drew's works, visit his website.


Artist's Reflections

These photos have a recurring theme of saying "goodbye to the past, and present; while looking forward to the journey to come." Sometimes the path ahead of us is unclear. Often we feel a sense of being lost on a foggy day. We look around us to find comfort in the beauty of God's created nature. Waterfalls. Seashells. And even statues. Life can be pretty hectic in these times. It's good to remember the beauty. Take a moment to pause. Take a moment to breathe. Take a moment to reflect.

Further Reflection

"All of the glories of the physical created world serve this one purpose - to remind us of and point us to the glory of God...The physical world is wonderfully glorious but it was never meant to be our stopping point any more than the sign that points to something is meant to be the end of the journey...the sign is not the thing, the sign points you to the thing. The same can be said of physical creation...It was made to point you to the thing you were made to live for, and that thing is God and God alone."

Tripp, D. P. (2014). New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional. Crossway, May 31.