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Leganto: How to Make Library "Reading Lists" in Your Courses

A way to integrate library materials such as articles, videos, e-books, & scanned chapters into your Canvas course.

Bring the Entire Library Into Your Courses

What are Reading Lists & How Will They Help Me & My Students?

With a new program called Reading Lists (Leganto) in Canvasyou can easily link a vast amount of library sources: books, e-books, articles, chapters, videos, reference works, & web sources, as required or suggested course readings, so that students can instantly view them. This platform can help organize all the readings for a course and integrates the library's collection into any Canvas course! Reading Lists can also be used to compile your own research or recommended sources on any topic, to share with students or others as needed.

Library Resources are free to students and can save them money by not having to purchase all readings. In addition to our existing digital articles, e-books, & videos, you as as faculty member or instructor can request purchase of new resources for our library collection or request digitization of sections of print sources we already own (Both purchase requests and digitization requests can easily be created in our Primo search as well). 

The library staff is dedicated to helping you build your reading lists. You can contact the reserves department or email librarians Denise Crews or Meredith Ader.  We can set up a session to show you how to use this program or to help you build your actual lists.

Enabling Reading Lists in Your Canvas Course (Click "Get Started" to See Steps)

How to find and add lists in Leganto through Canvas

Duplicating an Existing Reading List for a Course


Adding Items to the Reading List in Canvas

Adding an Item Directly from Primo to a Reading List

Add A Citation to A Module, Assignment, Or Discussion in Canvas

How To Use the Cite It Extension to Add Items to My Resources On the Web

How to Add Public Annotations to a PDF in Reading List

How to Create a New Reading List Using An .LGN File

Exporting Reading Lists as an .LGN file - a great way to safeguard your lists!