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Regent University - Library

Textbooks: Home

This guide is a resource to help expose students to a variety of methods for obtaining textbooks. These methods are not necessarily a part of the services offered through the Regent University Library.

How the Library Helps

By policy, the Library does not routinely purchase textbooks. However, we support students' textbook needs in the following ways:

-Although the Library does not routinely purchase textbooks, we still have many available in our collection. Search for your textbooks in our Library Catalog.

-The Library Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service will:

  • Attempt to obtain specific textbook edition.
  • Attempt to obtain a scan of specific pages/chapters. This is a great option if you ordered a textbook and it did not arrive in time for the beginning of the course.

-The Library provides course reserves that enables professors to make required texts accessible to students in their classes.

Tips and Tricks

  • When ordering, use the ISBN number to ensure you’re getting the correct edition.
  • Save receipts -- student or parents may be able to get a tax break (talk to your tax preparer)
  • Borrow books from a friend who had the same class.
  • Buy used
  • Buy earlier edition if necessary
  • Rent textbooks
  • Textbook Save Engine will find the lowest prices on the internet.