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Mediation: Intro to Mediation

Helpful resources for users who want a general primer on mediation law, as well as more specific tools to aid users in mediation research or an actual mediation.

Intro to Mediation Guide

Welcome to Mediation!

Regent University Law Library has compiled the information in this Guide to facilitate your Mediation course and provide education about the types of Mediation resources available. Please use the navigation tabs at the top to access the materials you need.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which a neutral third-party facilitates discussions between two parties in conflict.

Uniform Mediation Act

The UMA has been adopted in a growing number of states and is under review in others. You should be aware of the specific laws governing mediation in your state.

Find relevant articles.

(see suggested search terms below)

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Regent University Library Catalog


Suggested Search Terms.

Consider the following keywords when searching the library catalog or other databases for mediation-related material:

  • mediat* (captures mediate, mediation, mediator)
  • dispute resolution
  • alternative resolution
  • compromise
  • settlement
  • "Uniform Mediation"

Mediation Videos

The following videos provide an explanation of the mediation process, and describe scenarios in which mediation can be beneficial.