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Biophysical Sciences: Call Number Ranges

Biology, Chemistry, Physics Research Guide

Call Number Ranges for Biophysical Sciences

Use the library catalog link on the right to search for a specific title or use the call number ranges listed below to browse our collection:


Q174-175.32: Science—Methodology (including History of)                                                           QH301-705.5: Biology

Q175: Science—Philosophy (including History of)                                                                    QH305: Biology—History

QB980-991: Cosmogony. Cosmology                                                                                                  QH332: Bioethics

          QC1-999: Physics                                                       QH345: Biochemistry (general biochemistry of plants and animals)

          QC120-168.86: Mechanics                                                           QH359-425: Evolution (Biology) (including History of)    

          QC220-246: Sound                                                                                       QH426-470: Genetics (including History of)

          QC310.15-319: Thermodynamics                                                                                          QH506: Molecular Biology

          QC350-467: Optics                                                                                                                              QL1-991: Zoology

          QC501-721: Electricity                                                                                                            QL360-600: Invertebrates

          QC750-770: Magnetism                                                                                           QL605-740: Chordates. Vertebrates

          QD1-65: Chemistry (General)                                                                 QP501-801: Biochemistry (physiology of animals)

          QD241-441: Chemistry, Organic                                                                                                  QR1-502: Microbiology

          QD415-436: Biochemistry (chemical aspects of biological materials)                                        QR180-189.5: Immunology


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