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This guide is a collection of resources aimed at facilitating job searches and career advancement.

Regent Career Services

Visit the Regent University Career Services page to make a "job exploration appointment," access job lists, polish resume & interview skills, network, and attend job fairs & workshops.

Contact Information:

Phone: 757.352.4926

Email: or (employers)

Drop-In Visits: SC 235
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday
11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Schedule an appointment here.

Finding a Career

Find great books & e-books in the library collection; search Primo with terms such as:

  • English major, History major, Business major, Psychology major, etc.
  • Personality type & career or job, such as Do What You Are or What Color is Your Parachute?
  • Vocational guidance or finding your calling or finding your vocation
  • Career 
  • Books by Shelley O'Hara or Stephen Lambert on jobs for your major!


Great Tools Online

Check Job Boards Online Like:>resources>job-board

To find an internship or a job opening,

Google the name of a company you are interested in, or a field of work, and the word "internship," "career," "employment," or "jobs"

For example, Christian publishing internship OR Harper Collins Christian publishing internship OR Christian publishing job