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Cybersecurity & Technology Research

A guide to library and online resources related to computers and cybersecurity.

Suggested Databases

Suggested Keywords

Search the databases with one or more of these suggested keywords. You can also truncate the word with an asterisk like cyber* if you want all word endings. If you want a specific combination of words, place them in quotation marks.  Try advanced search for more options to either narrow or broaden the search.

Examples of Key Words to Search in Databases and Primo

  • banking and financial fraud
  • cloud computing
  • computer crimes
  • computer security
  • critical infrastructure
  • cryptography
  • cyberattacks
  • cybercrime
  • cybersecurity
  • cyberspace security measures
  • cyber actors
  • cyber crisis management
  • cyber defense
  • cyber incident response
  • cyber intelligence
  • cyber security exercises
  • cyber security strategies
  • data protection issues
  • data security failures
  • hackers
  • hacking
  • hacktivism
  • information assurance
  • information security
  • information warfare
  • intellectual property violations
  • internet in espionage
  • internet security
  • network and information security
  • secure cloud adoption
  • secure credit card transaction
  • secure server

Open Access Databases & Engines

Locate freely accessible and open access content using the below databases and engines.