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[Help] Technical Issues

If you're having trouble with Primo links, PDFs that won't open, databases that dead-end, etc.

Solving Database Issues

We are sorry you are having trouble. We hope this will help:

1.  First, if you haven’t already, sign in through the library at Primo. Signing in solves most problems.

2.   Please verify that you are using the following login information:

    a.  MyRegent ID – seven letters before

    b.  Password – same as for portal and Canvas.

3.  Also, try clearing your computer’s cache/cookies/browsing history. Clearing your cache and cookies, specifically, may be particularly helpful if you are working on a laptop. 

Here are tutorials on how to clean your browsing data:

in Firefox
in Chrome
in Safari

4.  Lastly, if the above does not work, we recommend you change your password. Remember that this change will affect all Regent log-ins, including the MyRegent Portal, Canvas, etc.
5. Sometimes, a database will ask for OpenAthens log in. Click Log in through my institution (or library) and look up Regent University Library in the search bar.

Please let us know if you have any further questions! You can contact us at 757-352-4150.

Steps for Opening a Link to an Article or the Full Text of an Article

Follow these steps if you cannot open a link to an article or you can't open the "full text" of the article:

1. Try Steps 1-4 of Solving Database Issues.

2. Make sure the computer you are using does not have a firewall that would prevent your access. If you're on a work computer or in a public library, your access may be restricted on your computer.

3. Check the Journal Search tab (to see if we own a journal/magazine) or Citation Linker tabs in Primo to make sure the Regent University Library has access to the full text of the article. Not all articles that show up in a database search are available in full text through the Library. Also try Google Scholar, which links to our databases. If Regent does not have access to the article, you can request it through Fulfillment Services (ILL).

4. If you continue to have trouble, contact the Library with the citation for the article(s) you need.