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InterLibrary Loan Department: Home

If you need books or articles from other libraries, this is where you can get them!


Welcome to the Regent University Library Interlibrary Loan Service. 


Curbside Pick-up: Should you desire to pick up your ILL books using this service, please submit a curbside form and select the ILL books checkbox:


You may contact us for assistance by email: or by phone at 757-352-4424 or 757-352-4163. Thank you.


ILLiad Logon

(Use your Regent Log-in & Password)

FOR NEW USERS: Start by logging in below with your myRegent credentials. The first time you log into ILLiad, you will be prompted to complete the User Registration form. Fill this form out completely and click to submit it.  Then, you will be able to create requests for materials.



To order books, make sure to use WorldCat (see "Submitting book requests through Worldcat" tab for detailed instructions). 

First Time Users - Register Your ILLiad Account

Start by logging in with your myRegent credentials. The first time you log into ILLiad, you will see that you need to complete the New User Registration form.

Your username and your password are your myRegent credentials. 

Required fields are indicated with an asterisk “*”.

The email address you enter on the form must be your Regent email address (it must end with or No outside email addresses will be allowed.

After entering your user information and reading the copyright statement, click the button “Submit Information” at the bottom of the page.

If an error has been made, or if all required fields have not been filled out, an error message will appear at the top of the page. Complete required fields and click “Submit Information” again.

Changing account information

  • If you need to change your account information, login to your ILLiad account and click Change User Information on the ILLiad Main Menu -- Tools.

By searching for books through WorldCat and then clicking on ILLIAD, the system will automatically populate all the data needed for your book request. In a few clicks, you can order an item and be sure that all your information is accurate.

Here is a short tutorial explaining how to create a request through WorldCat:

If you would like to place a request within your ILL account, please follow the instructions below: 

  • Login to your ILLiad account.
  • Use the Main Menu--New Request options to select the type of interlibrary loan you would like to request.


On the request form:

1. Fill in the required information, such as Title and Author.

2. Click "Submit Request" at the bottom of the form to complete your request.

As you are browsing in Summon or in one of our databases, you might be interested in an article for which Regent University does not have access. If that is the case, you will be able to request this item by clicking on a button that will look like the ones pictured below. This will take you to your ILL account and the system will automatically fill out all the information needed. The only thing left for you to do is to "Submit Request". 



Hebrew and Greek word search requests are only available to distance students:

Before submitting a word search requests, please watch the short  video below or refer to the instructions at the bottom of this page. 

For local students: books, scores, and other physical materials

Books and other physical materials will be available for pick up at the Library Resource Desk. You will receive an email notifying you of the ILL materials ready for pick up.

For distance students: books, scores and other physical materials

Books and other physical materials will be mailed to you through UPS. Please provide us with a street address and not a P.O. Box. You will receive an email notifying you that the items have been shipped. You are responsible to mail the items back on time at your own expenses. We strongly encourage you to insure your package as you will be responsible for any loss or damage. Items will need to be mailed back to Interlibrary Loan/Regent University Library/1000 Regent University Drive/Virginia Beach, VA 23464-9894. 

For all students: articles & book chapters

Articles and book chapters will be posted as PDF files to your ILLiad account. To access them, login to your ILLiad account and click View/Download Electronically Received ArticlesPlease note that the PDF file is only accessible for 30 days!! If you want to keep the document save the PDF item to your hard drive or a USB drive.

Please be aware that you are financially responsible for all items, from the moment an item leaves its home library to the moment it is checked back in its home library. As a department, we track and insure all of our packages. If you are a distance student, please make sure to track and insure your packages. If you are a local student, please take good care of the items lent to you. 

You may submit a request to renew your ILL materials directly from your Regent Interlibrary loan (ILLiad) account


  1.  Log into your ILLiad account by entering your Regent Library username and password: 


  1. Click Checked Out Items located at left of screen.


  1. Click on the transaction number associated with the title of the item you would like to renew.
    (NOTE:  You may only request a renewal within the 7-day window of the item’s due date.)



  1. Click Renew Request.  (Note:  This option will not appear if the renewal period is before 7 days of the due date or after the due date.)


  1. After you click Renew Request the following message will appear above the transaction information“We received your renewal request, and you will be contacted as soon as we hear back from the lending library”.  This message is to confirm that the ILL Department received your renewal request and that we will forward your request to the lending library for renewal consideration.  Once we hear back from the lending library, you will be contacted. 


IMPORTANT:  At the bottom of the screen under the Tracking section you will see that the ILLiad system has generated an automated renewal date; however, your item is NOT automatically renewed.  Although this is a glitch in the ILLiad system, be assured you will be contacted upon our hearing back from the lending library.



1.       If you are initiating the renewal request through your ILLiad account, the request must fall within the 7-day window period of the item’s due date. If the item is currently due, past due or you see "Clone Request" you will NOT be able to request a renewal through your ILLiad account.

2.       Your renewal request does not automatically renew the item. Renewals are ONLY granted at the discretion of the lending library.  If a renewal is allowed, the average renewal period is 4 weeks. We will contact you upon our hearing back from the lending library.

You may also request a renewal by emailing or by calling Patty Hughson at 757.352.4424

New Policy - Distance Student Book Requesting:

Book requests made by DE students that we do not own, will be purchased as e-books (if available); this is a change from requesting books from another library when we do not own the book(s) you are requesting. "Official textbooks" will not be purchased as e-books.


Books: Distance Students are eligible to request circulating items owned by Regent University Library. Additionally, Interlibrary Loan will borrow books that are unavailable in the Regent Collection from other libraries, but only if these books are not available to purchase as an E-book. Please keep in mind that items borrowed from other libraries are first delivered to Regent Library, before being shipped to your address which will result in a shorter check-out period.  Due to the shorter check-out period, you may want to consider using your local public library ILL department for this service.

Returns:  All returns must be mailed back to Regent University (Interlibrary Loan - Regent University Library - 1000 Regent University Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23464). You are responsible for return postage on all items that are shipped to you. We recommend that you ensure the package is properly secured and use a courier with tracking and insurance for returning all items. Do not use Library Rate / Media Mail to return books.

PDF Copies of Articles or Book Chapters: Just like other students, Distance Students can request PDF copies of articles and book chapters. 

What is Interlibrary Loan?

Who may use ILL?

What can be requested via ILL?

Can I borrow textbooks for my classes through ILL?

What about Theses and Dissertations?

How long does it take to get something via ILL?

How will I be notified?

Where do I pick up materials I requested on ILL?

How long can I keep material borrowed via ILL?

How do copyright restrictions affect interlibrary loan?

Who can I contact about this policy?

ILLiad: The software used to manage Interlibrary Loan requests. You must register for an ILLiad account (one-time registration) before you can submit a request.

Due Dates: Are determined by the lending library. Items are not loaned for entire semesters. The average loan period is 4 - 6 weeks.

Renewals: Renewals and the length of the renewal are ONLY granted at the discretion of the lending library. Each lender has a limit on how many times they will renew an item if at all. If a renewal is allowed, the average renewal period is 4 weeks.

Recalls: The lending library may recall Interlibrary Loan materials at their discretion. Recalled materials must be returned to Regent University Library within two (2) days of notification.

Returns: Loan materials borrowed through Interlibrary Loan must be returned to Regent University Library's Resource Desk. DE Students, see "InterLibrary Loan for distance students" tab.

Overdue items: Materials not returned by the due date or recall date, will result in a blocked ILLiad account. A $1.00 per day overdue fee will be assessed. If the item is more than 30 days overdue, it will be declared lost and you will be billed a minimum lost fee of $95 plus processing fees per item. Should you pay the lost fee, you will not be able to return the item for a refund. Should Regent University Library pay the lost fee invoice, you may no longer return the item to have your fees reduced. You will have to pay your bill in full. If the item is returned before the lost fee is paid by you or Regent, your fine will be reduced to the $30 overdue fee. 

Electronic Delivery: All copy requests are delivered as PDF files to your ILLiad account. Be sure to save the PDF file as it will automatically be deleted 30 days after delivery.

Problems?: Please contact the Interlibrary Loan department as soon as possible. We will work with the lender to resolve the issue on your behalf.

Patty Hughson, ILL/DD Supervisor   Elizabeth Keen, ILL/DD Supervisor    
757-352-4424 -      757-352-4163 -  






The ILL staff is available to help you process your ILL request but is not equipped to help you with your research questions. If you need assistance finding a reference, or accessing a database, please  click here to contact our reference librarians.