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About Special Collections & Archives

About the Archives

Archives collects, organizes, and maintains representative resources by and about Regent University, its schools and departments. These resources function as the official archives of the University and include paper, microfilm, and electronic records, administrative files, correspondence, mailings, newspaper clippings, press releases, and course syllabi. A historical timeline of Regent University is available on the main university website.

Decisions about records to add are made by the Special Collections Librarian and the office of origin, with the assistance of the Special Collections/Archives Assistant Supervisor. An office of origin may place restrictions upon the use of some or all of its records. The Dean of Libraries has final say about all materials added to the Archives.

The Department regularly receives a duplicate microfilm copy of student records from the University Registrar.

University-wide Publications

The Department collects Regent administrative and student University-wide publications such as the University Catalog, Focus Magazine, selected Regent University Web homepages, The Paper, and The Regent Times.

Archives does not collect school-specific publications such as alumni newsletters, promotional brochures, or flyers.

Chapels and Special Events Recordings

Selected audio and video recordings of University chapel services are added to the Archives approximately every six months. The Department holds a number of video and audiocassettes of Regent University-wide special events. These include convocations, anniversaries, groundbreakings, faculty retreats and other special events.

Recordings of workshops, seminars, and classroom lectures sponsored by individual Regent University schools are not collected.

Student Theses, Dissertations, and Other Works

Archives keeps one copy of all student works including theses, dissertations, portfolios, and other works. Published alumni works are sometimes added. These theses and dissertations are cataloged in Primo, and many recent works are accessible in full-text through ProQuest's Dissertations & Theses database.

Faculty Dissertations and Other Works

Archives collects a copy of all faculty works including books, dissertations, journal articles, conference papers, faculty research award papers, and faculty forum presentations.

Regent University Films

Films produced by Regent University students and faculty are of primary archival value. Students and faculty have produced over 175 films since the first film classes were held in 1978. Films vary in length: some are less than a minute, others over an hour. In addition to summer film projects, a film is often a major component of a student's master portfolio. Several times a year the Library receives copies of student films and preprint film material from the School of Communication and the Arts cinema department. Many of these films are cataloged in Primo with an added title of "Regent University Film Collection".

A variety of formats are collected: 16mm, VHS, Beta, and ¾ inch U-Matic. An effort is made to collect copies in formats that are most useable to our patrons. The Collection includes some answer print and lo-con copies. The Department keeps some pre-release material for which the Library does not have a finished copy.

From the Archives