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About Special Collections & Archives

Overview of Special Collections & Archives

Since its inception in 1982, Special Collections & Archives has been an integral part of the Regent Community and Regent University Library. It is the home for objects relevant to Regent’s history, culture, and scholarship. It continues to acquire, organize, and preserve a treasure trove of unique primary research materials and rare resources for scholars and researchers on campus and around the world.

Selected materials such as important papers, artwork, books, and unique ephemera are displayed in the Lehman-Kiewitt Reading Room on the second floor of the library building. The Reading Room is currently open by appointment only. Limited research services are provided to qualified scholars. Researchers should contact the Regent University Library in advance to confirm that their area of interest is available in the collections. Guided tours may also be arranged in advance.

The orderly growth and development of the university Special Collections & Archives is dependent upon the interest, support, and generosity of patrons and friends of the Library. Gifts of appropriate materials in a variety of formats and subject areas are welcome. The accession of any gift materials is done at the discretion of Dean of the Library. Subjects of particular interest include early films, film history, hymnals and Psalmody, Pentecostal and Charismatic history, Christian cartooning, and Christian leadership and faith in politics.


Discover Special Collections & Archives

Special Collections & Archives Mission Statement

Special Collections & Archives collects, preserves, provides access to, and interprets resources relevant to Regent University history and culture along with other resources of interest to Regent University.


To carry out our mission, Special Collections & Archives pursues the following goals:

1) We collect and organize resources of enduring historical value pertinent to the history and culture of Regent University. These resources include paper records, University publications, correspondence, theses and dissertations, faculty publications, photographs, video and audiotapes, films, and memorabilia. The Archives also consist of books, some papers, and memorabilia pertaining to the ministry and political activities of Dr. M.G. "Pat" Robertson, the founder and chancellor of the University.*

2) We collect and organize resources of an archival or special nature relating to the programs, curriculum, and interests of Regent University schools, colleges, centers, and institutes. Subject concentrations originate from the research and education areas conducted at Regent University. The collections are composed of unique and rare resources created or accumulated by Regent University as well as by individuals and organizations external to the University. Areas of collection strength currently reflected in the University Special Collections & Archives include the following:

  1. Film History & Research (The C.O. Baptista Christian Film Collection)
  2. Regent University History & Culture (Regent University Paper Documents, Publications, Posters, Memorabilia, Regent University AV Collection, Regent University Photographic Collection, Regent University Student Theses, Portfolios & Dissertations, and Regent University Student Films Collection)
  3. Pentecostal/Charismatic History & Research (The Pentecostal Research Collection, The John Wimber Collection, The William Standish Reed Collection, the Rev. Dennis Bennett Papers, the Rita Bennett Papers, and the Hon-Melilli, Audio Visual Collection, The Vinson Synan Papers, The Rev. Wellington Boone Papers, The Larry Christenson Papers, The Lutheran Renewal Collection, and the North American Renewal Service Committee (NARSC) Papers, etc.).
  4. Pat Robertson Biographical, Political Resources & Ministry Activity (Freedom Council, Vaughan Christian Coalition & AFR Collection, CBN Information File, Monographs & AV Materials by Pat Robertson)
  5. Hymnals & Psalmody (The Keith C. Clark Hymnology Collection)
  6. Scott Ross Biographical Resources, Broadcasting & Ministry Activity (The Scott Ross Cultural Collection)
  7. Christian Cartooning (The John Lawing Collection)

3) We support the University Library and University public relations outreach with Special Collections & Archives resources and services.

4) We provide and improve access to the various collections and resources in Special Collections & Archives. Access includes, but is not exclusive to, the following means:

  1. Reading Room Public Service Hours
  2. Brochures & Guides
  3. World-Wide-Web Pages
  4. Inventories & Finding Aids
  5. Signage

5) We provide research assistance to qualified scholars and others who use the Special Collections & Archives resources.

6) We apply preservation methods and procedures to preserve Special Collections & Archives resources.

7) We plan and arrange displays of Special Collections & Archives materials and other resources.

*All archives related to Dr. M.G. "Pat" Robertson, the Christian Broadcasting Network, and Regent University are currently closed.