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Guide to writing help and tutoring services provided in Regent's Academic Coaching writing center or writing lab.

What kinds of writing help can I get?

You can get help with planning, revision, grammar, style, or formatting in any writing assignment for any Regent course.

What is Academic Coaching?

An online & in-person tutoring center, often called the "writing center" or "writing lab," that is free for Regent students.

Can the tutors help me cite sources correctly?

Yes, they help with citations!

They also make videos and handouts to help you understand how to cite in your style.

Also see the library's many citation tools here.

You can find citations for sources found within the library's Primo search and databases, and you can also get a free RefWorks account to create a bibliography and a free Grammarly Premium download to form citations for websites.  

Can they help with other skills?

Yes! They offer tutoring in reading and study skills, and they can connect you to a math service.

Can the tutors proofread or fix my paper if I drop it off?

No, because their goal is to help you improve your paper yourself, develop lifelong skills, and maintain ownership of your work.

Should I be nervous to get help with writing?

No! The tutors are very nice, respectful, and well-trained.

How do I get writing help?

"Drop in" online to work with a writing tutor! 

Enter the online "room" here during times marked "OL."

You can also choose from these options:

  1. get help in a scheduled video meeting online,
  2. get help over the phone at (757) 352-4925, or
  3. get help in person on the 2nd floor of the library (enter the main library and climb the stairs, taking the staircase to the right). See drop-in hours in the above link marked "LIB" for library.

To contact a tutor, you can either:

  1. set up an appointment (email or use the Handshake system),
  2. or just "drop in" during drop-in hours, online (OL) or in person (LIB)

Have the tutors created helpful videos and handouts?

Yes, they have created videos & handouts on writing, organization, style, grammar, & citations, as well as how to plan a certain type of paper, like a narrative or a research paper.

Do the tutors offer workshops on writing?

Yes! It's easy to sign up here:

Academic Coaching Statement of Purpose & Policy

  • Academic Coaching helps students become stronger self-learners; coaches will not edit or proofread a student’s work. Coaches assist students at any level with general writing, reading, and studying concepts but are not trained in curriculum-specific material. While all coaches receive the same training, feedback may differ based on the variability of live sessions and perspectives.
  • Appointments start at the top of the hour and last up to 40 minutes. Tardiness will reduce the appointment time. Students should send in any assignment materials they want coaches to look over to at least 30 minutes before the appointment. For video appointments, students will receive a link to the session in their student email about 5-10 minutes beforehand.
  • The appointment calendar fills up quickly, so schedule in advance. Students can schedule up to two appointments per week (max one per day) up to two weeks in advance. Cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance to avoid no-shows. Students who no-show may lose access to coaching. Students who require accommodations should first consult with Disability Services.

Who can help with research & using the online library?

Ask the librarians for research help, or any help you need with the library website, including citation tools like RefWorks!

Chat with a librarian 24/7