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Writing Help & Coaching

Guide for all schools and disciplines: covers Regent's Academic Coaching writing center or writing lab plus library resources

Options for how to get writing & citation help:

1. Email for a writing help appointment.

2. Or, "drop in" here to work with a writing coach instantly! Look for times marked "OL" for online or "LIB" for on-campus.

3. Call the writing coaches at (757) 352-4925

4. Use the Handshake system to set up an appointment (same as Career Services). Start an account for this option.

5. Visit them in person on the 2nd floor of the library (in the main library, climb the stairs to the right. then turn left)


Writing Videos, Handouts, & Books

Where to get help...

The Academic Coaching writing tutors can help at any stage of any writing assignment for any Regent course. They also help with reading and study skills and can arrange math help. They are located in the library on the 2nd floor, but they are part of Regent's Center for Student Happiness.

The library also has many tools to help with citation, as you can see here in our citation tool guide. You can start a free RefWorks account and export your sources into it from our Primo search, then select the option to form a bibliography in your format. You can also get pre-formatted citations in the library's search systems like Primo and databases if you click Cite or the quotation mark icon.


What is Academic Coaching?

  • A free resource for Regent students, both on-line & on-campus, Academic Coaching assists with academic writing, reading, and study skills. Includes the tutors previously part of the "writing center" or "writing lab."


Can Academic Coaching help with skills beyond writing?

  • Yes! They offer tutoring in reading and study skills, and they can connect you to a math tutoring service.


Can the tutors proofread or fix my paper if I drop it off?

  • No, because their goal is to help you improve your paper yourself, develop lifelong skills, and maintain ownership of your work.


Can the tutors help me cite sources?

  • Yes, the Academic Coaching writing tutors help with citations!


Do the tutors offer workshops on writing?


Should I be nervous to get help with writing?

  • No! The tutors are very nice, respectful, and well-trained. 


Who can help with research & using the library?