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Citation Styles & Tools: RefWorks

Tools for managing citations and quick help for generating citations.

Option 1: Exporting citations to RefWorks or other citation managers from Primo

When you are searching in Primo, to see options for exporting the citation information, click the three dots next to a source.

After clicking the three-dot menu, you should see a list of citations for that source (in different styles) and a list of managers you can export to.


The citations you get are not always accurate. Use the style handbook or official website (linked to the left margin in this guide) to check.

Option 2: Generating citations in databases

If you are not using a manager, look for a cite option in a database.

Note: Primo also generates citations, as you can see in the screenshot above.

If you are in a database, the citation tool could look like a giant quotation mark icon, or have the word "cite" in the icon, like these:


It may look different, and not all databases will have a cite feature.

The generated citation may not be 100% accurate! It will look like this:

Scroll through to find your needed citation style, or look for a drop-down menu and select the one you want. A dropdown would look like this:

Sometimes you may need to click a button like "Change" in the example above after selecting your citation style.

Make sure it is the current edition!

Note to Chicago and Turabian users: these styles have multiple versions, make sure you are selecting the right one. Some databases list the Notes-Bibliography version as "Humanities."