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Citation Styles & Tools

Tools for managing citations and quick help for generating citations.

Choosing a Tool

Which is best? That completely depends on your needs and preferences. They are generally the same, but with different nuances and interfaces.


comparison of citation management tools is available on WIkipedia, but there is no guarantee it is up-to-date. Otherwise, view tutorials or test managers to see which you like best.



Always check that a manager is using the most current edition of your style.

Citations generated by managers are not always correct. Double check them!

Which Citation Management Tools Does Regent Have?

1. Cite as You Search

Our search tool, Primo, and most of our databases will give you a formatted citation for a source if you click on "Cite" or the quotation mark icon. 

2. Style Manuals & Official Websites for Your Style

Go right to the official sources for citation format. Click on the blue button to the left to see the e-books, websites, and books you have access to for MLA, APA, or Chicago/Turabian.

3. Grammarly Premium Citations for Websites

Did you know that Grammarly Premium, an "add-on" for your internet browser, will format citations for web pages (along with checking spelling & grammar)?  Download this add-on free as a student at Regent here.

4. RefWorks: Get a Free Premium Account

Regent subscribes to RefWorks premium for you! You can start an account and import, upload, or enter info for all your sources, then make a bibliography instantly and copy it into a Word Document. You can take your account with you when you graduate, so you never lose track of your sources!

To sign up for RefWorks, just use your normal Regent username, but create a special password just for RefWorks.


Be sure to double check citation format because machines can get it wrong!  Check capitalization, punctuation, spacing, order of information, and whether it is formatted correctly for the type of source (journal article, book, etc.).

Other Citation Managers

It is recommended that you use RefWorks, a Regent-provided free account that stores your sources and forms bibliographies in your format. You can also export sources from Primo to RefWorks. Here are some other options (below).


These links go the official help and training sections of each citation management tool's respective website.

For more help, look for online how-to videos and documentation (particularly on YouTube).

Switching Managers?

Every manager has a way to export its files or import new files. Search either the manager's website or the web to learn how to conduct the process. Make sure you know which file types your new manager can 'read' so you select the right format when you export from the old manager.

Need Help with Citations or Writing?

Contact the writing tutors at Regent's Academic Coaching

  • They can check citations, plus work with you to improve your thesis, organization, formatting, scholarly tone, grammar, reading comprehension and speed, note-taking, and more! 
  • You can schedule an appointment or drop in at scheduled times, online or in person.
  • They also make great handouts and videos.

Librarians can help you find the citation for a particular source and teach you how to use our online tools for citing

You can also ask your professor about formatting unusual sources!