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Religion & the First Amendment: Introduction

Religion and the First Amendment Guide: About

The First Amendment begins with the words:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...

The first of these clauses is commonly referred to as the "establishment clause," while the second is known as the "free exercise clause." 

This guide is divided into sections (see tabs at top) to help you focus your research.

  • This introductory page features general materials to help you get started.
  • The four middle tabs contain links to relevant sources of Supreme Court cases, books, articles and web resources particular to the topic of that page.
  • The next tab contains links to organizations dedicated to advocacy of religious freedom issues. Many of these organizations also provide useful content to the public regarding issues surrounding freedom of religion.
  • The final tab redirects you to our 2L/3L Study Aids for Constitutional Law.


This Guide was originally developed and annotated by Deborah Lord as a part of the Law Librarianship course.

It is now updated and maintained by members of the Law Library Faculty.

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