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Divinity & Religion Research

Identifies key divinity and religion resources for Regent University students and researchers.

7 Core Commitments

  1. Biblical fidelity: We are committed to excellence in theological and ministerial education that is grounded in the authority of the Bible as the eternal, infallible and inspired Word of God.
  2. Trinitarian worship: We seek to offer our labor in education and research as worship of the Triune God and aim to declare His holiness and glory in all that we do.
  3. Spiritual renewal: We are focused on the renewing presence of the Holy Spirit from creation to the consummation, and embrace the Biblical, historical and contemporary expressions of His renewing work.
  4. Holistic formation: We understand the call to formation to be the lifelong process of being conformed to the image of Christ by His Spirit and seek to promote holistic habits of spirit, soul and body that promote human and ministerial flourishing.
  5. Ecclesial focus: We desire to serve the Body of Christ with humility and integrity, recognizing the central role of the Church in the eternal plan of God.
  6. Missional leadership: We participate in God’s mission by providing education, training, empowerment and equipping to all whom God calls, regardless of ethnicity or gender.
  7. Prophetic relevance: It is our vision to graduate Christ-centered leaders that will be prophetic witnesses in their generation, standing firm in their commitment to Biblical values of holiness and morality.

Sample Searches

  1. Biblical fidelity; search 1search 2
  2. Trinitarian worship; search 1bookauthor, search 2, book, book chapter 1
  3. Spiritual renewal; search 1search 2, search 3, search 4
  4. Holistic formation; search 1search 2
  5. Ecclesial focus; search 1book 1book 2book 3article 1, article 2
  6. Missional Leadership; search 1search 2article 
  7. Prophetic relevance: search 1search 2

Additional Search Tips

Experiment with the search terms to run more searches.  

Try our religion databases, such as ATLA.


If you need print books on our shelves (in whole or in part) or even articles and books not in our collection, please consult the InterLibrary Loan guide to learn about holds, digitization, and borrowing requests.