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Faculty Services & Instructional Support: Home

Welcome Faculty

Welcome to the Faculty Services & Instructional Support guide. We invite you to take advantage of all the Library has to offer to our faculty. Let us know how we can help. Please call or email the Library with any comments or suggestions you may have. Please contact the liaison for your school if you need help with anything:

1. in-class presentations

2. instructional materials for your courses on how to use the library

3. help with purchase requests

4. updates to your subject Research Guides

Ways to Bring the Library to Your Students

•Require student bibliographies to include Library resources.
•Request books that support your curricula. Suggest a Title for Purchase Form
•Suggest content for our subject research guides.
•Schedule a research workshop for your on-campus or online class with your library liaison.
•Work with your library liaison to embed your liaison in your Blackboard courses.

Spotlight on Faculty Scholarship

All Faculty Common Read