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Not sure where to start? You are in the right place.

Not Sure Where to Start?

You are in the right place! Navigate through some of the most frequently asked questions through video tutorials and written instructions. 

Browsing the Shelves

  1. First Line: Classification Letters: for example, E-F American history
  2. Classification Numbers: narrower subtopics on American history: for example, E201-298 Revolutionary War
  3. Cutter line: first letter of author’s last name (or title or subject) plus a number assigned to that author
  4. Year: saves having to look at the title page (if you need a certain publication date, like a recent date)

Fun Fact: “Call numbers” used to be called out to library staff who retrieved books.

When Shelf Browsing

  • Look at the publisher, author, and year to see if they are credible & suitable for your assignment requirements
  • Shelf Browser: Look at books on the same shelf and nearby shelves because they will be on similar topics
  • Skim the Table of Contents (chapter titles) to see if the book is relevant to you--or even just one chapter
  • Check the Index in the back to see if your topic is covered, being flexible with terms

Recommended Research Steps:

  1. Primo comprehensive library search (use filters like Books, Articles, Reference Entries in the left margin)
  2. The Library's Subject Databases (Click "Subjects" and select your broad subject, like Education or History)
  3. Google Scholar (should link it to Regent Library; check it in the menu; Settings; Library Links; look up Regent)
  4. Use Research Guides on Your Subject (recommended databases, etc.)
  5. Work with a librarian through online chat, appointments, or submitting a question