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Fulfillment Services (ILL)

What is ILL?  ILL is an abbreviated way of referring to InterLibrary Loan, a service that borrows and lends resources throughout the country--making books, articles, and even some of the hardest-to-locate resources FREELY available to students.

That means you are not limited to books and articles we currently own, but can also request more. 

If you live far away, you can also request our own print books be mailed or partially digitized for you.


And, you can make these requests easily, directly in the library Primo search.

To request anything, just do the following:

1. Sign in to Primo.

2. Search for what you need.

3. Click "Get it for me from other libraries" & send the form for "physical copy of a book" or "digital article/chapter"

4. If your title didn't come up in the search, click "Still Didn't Find What You Need?" at the top of Primo.

5. ILL will deliver the source to your email, home, or the library (If you are local).


Visit our Fulfillment Services (ILL) Guide for more information & step-by-step instructions.