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Not sure where to start? You are in the right place.

Finding Resources with Primo Search

Using Primo to locate resources may take a bit of practice. Start here with this tutorial and/or read the step-by-step instructions below. 

Step-by-Step Instructions for Primo Library Search with Visual Aids

1. First, type in your topic, key words, an author, or a title in the search bar on the library's home page:


2. Primo searches everything we have access to: our databases full of online books & articles, books on our shelves, & sources we don't own but can borrow for you.  You will often get a lot of search results (this search shows almost 12,000). To narrow it down, choose a "Material Type" you want (books, articles, or e-books) or add more key words:

3. This is what it looks like when we have a source online. Make sure you are signed in, then click "Available Online" & follow the green links.

4. This is what it looks like when we have a print book on our shelves.  You can request it by clicking the title, then click "Request Regent's Copy" (or a PDF of a chapter).  If you live far away, enter your home address in the request form. If you live nearby, select pickup at Regent Library or use the call number, such as BX5199.L53, to find the book on our shelves.

Note that some books can't be checked out--reference books, special collections, microform, & bound or print journals--but a section can usually be digitally copied for you & emailed to you. Just click Request PDF of Chapter.  

5. This is what it looks like when we don't own a source but can still get it for you. Click the blue box that says "Get it for me from other libraries" and "Get Physical Copy" of book or "Get Chapter PDF."

6. In Primo, you can save favorites by clicking the pin or thumbtack by a source, or get a citation, or export the source..

7, Primo already searches the databases for you, but you can also find individual databases by clicking the A-Z tab at the top of Primo, & you can also use Google Scholar to search Regent's article databases.

8. If you have questions or want an appointment to go over all of this, please start a chat with a librarian, email a librarian, or make an appointment (on-campus or on-line) for any help you need!



Note: you can also browse our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in the search bar on the Ask a Librarian page where it says "Type Your Question."