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History Research

Guide to databases & research for history majors and other students taking history classes.

History Job Ideas

Job Ideas: Education, Law, Politics, Writing, Journalism, Research, Museums, Libraries

  • Archivist or Special Collections Librarian
  • Teacher in a Private or Classical School (try classical school job boards)
  • Teacher in a Public School (with teaching certificate)
  • Educational Administrator (with M Ed.)
  • ESL or TESOL Teacher abroad (do not always need an education background)
  • Journalist (see media internships below)
  • Think Tank Researcher (see internships below)
  • Research Librarian (usually with MLS or MLIS)
  • Library Staff (ILL, front desk supervisor, etc.)
  • Tutor (such as for home school students, or in a co-op)
  • Professor & Scholar (with Ph.D)
  • Adjunct Professor (with M.A. or Ph.D)
  • Lawyer, Law Professor, or Law Librarian
  • Museum Curator or Instructor
  • Web Writer or Social Media Manager
  • Public Relations, Advertising, or Marketing
  • Legislative Assistant or Congressional Staff
  • Technical Writer
  • Staff Writer (some museums, such as Jamestown, publish magazines)
  • Freelance Writer
  • Creative Writer
  • Editor or Publisher
  • Copy Editor or Indexer

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