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English Literature Research & Course Aids

Browsing Books On Our Shelves

On the second floor of the library (turn right at top of stairs), the entire "P" section of books is focused on literature and language.  These can be searched online in Primo (which contains our book catalog).

For browsing purposes, the Library of Congress call numbers for literature are: 

PA  Greek & Roman literature (and languages)

PB-PH European languages

PE   English language

PG   Russian literature

PN   General literature

PQ   French, Italian, & Spanish Literature

PR   British literature

PS   American literature

PT   German literature

PZ   Juvenile literature

There are other subdivisions for literature and language from other countries.

If you find a book you are interested in, try "shelf browsing" in the library by seeing what is next to the book. You can also "shelf browse" online by looking at book suggestions given by Primo.

Did you know? If you are a distance student, Interlibrary Loan can send you our paper books or scan pages for you.


Borrowing Books From Other Libraries

You are not limited to the books we own!

To search beyond our library, search in our main system, Primo, and you will see suggested books from partner libraries.

Then, click Get it for Me From Other Libraries to get a book mailed to you, or Request PDF Digitization to have a chapter copied.

To look in libraries near you for books, try, which searches library catalogs by location.

Often, inexpensive e-books are available on, and book previews are available at Google Books.

Free classics are available in open access databases like Project Gutenberg and Hathi Trust.



Free books online & library e-book databases:

Online Video Collections

Note: Our Audio-visual items can be found on the first floor near the bound periodicals.