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Regent University - Library

Policies of the University Library: Library Gallery

This guide serves as a repository for the policies created by the library faculty and staff pertaining to the University Library (not the Law Library).

Use of the Library Gallery

Overview:  This policy governs use of the Library Gallery for special events and exhibits.



A.    Definitions

B.    Policy Statement

C.    Process/Procedure

D.    Contact Information


A.    Definitions.

Library Gallery: the area on the floor plan labeled 111W, at the rear of the first floor.

Special Events: any event wherein regular usage of the gallery by students is disrupted, i.e. receptions, meals, etc., and the space is opened to guests beyond the University community.

Exhibits: displays of artwork/photographs on the walls of the Gallery necessitating hanging items on the walls.


B.    Policy.

Use of the Library Gallery for special events or exhibits must be approved by the Dean of the Library at least one month prior to the event/exhibit (hereafter event). Fees will occur for damage caused to the Library facilities while holding an event.


C.    Process/Procedure.

Contact the Assistant to the Dean of the Library, requesting usage of the gallery space including:

    1. Type of event
    2. Date/time of event
    3. Number of people anticipated to attend
    4. Food and noise concerns.


D.    Contact Information.

Assistant to the Dean – 757-352-4185


This policy was reviewed and approved by the university librarians on May 28th, 2013.