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Policies of the University Library: Gifts & Donations

This guide serves as a repository for the policies created by the library faculty and staff pertaining to the University Library (not the Law Library).

Gifts & Donations

Overview: This policy exists as a guide for accepting, rejecting, and monitoring donations and gifts.



A. Definitions

B. Policy Statement

C. Process/Procedure

D. Contact Information

A. Definitions. 

Gift: an item that is donated to the library.

B.  Policy. 

The University Library appreciates gifts for consideration. Gifts may be added to the collection according to the Resource Development Policy.

C. Process/Procedure.

1. For large donations, potential donors are asked to provide in advance a list of materials being offered so that educational value to the collections can be assessed.

2. Gifts should be donated at the Circulation Desk. The donor will be asked to complete a gift release form, including a clear statement that the library is free to dispose of duplicate and unwanted materials appropriately.

3. The Library does not appraise gifts. Tax law requires an official receipt for charitable gifts over $250. The Regent University Office of Advancement may be contacted to obtain an acknowledgment letter.

4. The Library encourages gift funds that are not earmarked for specific items in order to permit the most flexible use of the donation for the enrichment of the collections. The Library faculty will determine the expenditure of gift funds for acquiring material unless the donor suggests the purchase of specific items.

5. All donations for Library materials and funds will be acknowledged in writing by the office of the University Library Dean on a quarterly basis.

6. Publications received in the library as gifts will be reviewed by the same standards that govern the selection of purchased items.

7. Gift materials requiring continuing obligation on the part of the library will not be accepted without serious consideration of the library’s ability to house and maintain the material.

8. The value of gifts of materials will be weighed against space limitations and the cost of processing the materials.

9. The Library does not accept gifts on a temporary basis for the purpose of leaving them in the building for others to use.

10. We request that members of the Regent University community consult with the library before accepting gifts on behalf of the library.

11. Donated items that are not added to the collection will be disposed of at the discretion of the University Library Dean. We often donate such materials to other organizations that can better use them.


D. Contact Information. 

Further questions/concerns may be directed to the University Library Dean.

This policy was reviewed and approved by the university librarians on February 28th, 2013.

Gifts & Donations Policy in PDF