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Regent University - Library

Policies of the University Library: Noise

This guide serves as a repository for the policies created by the library faculty and staff pertaining to the University Library (not the Law Library).


Overview:  Regent University Library has an obligation to ensure that students, faculty, and other researchers find a place for quiet concentration and study.



A.    Definitions

B.    Policy Statement

C.    Process/Procedure

D.    Contact Information

E.    Forms


A.    Definitions.

       Noise: Sound that is loud, unpleasant, unexpected, or undesired.


B.    Policy.   

Regent University Library is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to study as well as welcoming to all patrons. All library staff and patrons of the University Library should respect the rights of others and refrain from making excessive noise while using the University Library.

B-1. First Floor

Quiet conversation among people studying together in a group is acceptable on the first floor of the University Library; however, voices should be kept at a volume considerate of others.

B-2. Second Floor

The second floor of the University Library has been designated as the quiet floor (marked with signage). Quiet conversation is acceptable in group study rooms per the Study Rooms Policy.

B-3. Third Floor

The third floor of the Library Building is occupied by the Law Library. Please respect the noise policy in this area. If you have a question regarding their policy please ask a Law Librarian or Law Library staff.

B-4. Atrium/Auditorium

Occasionally there will be noise from the atrium or auditorium that is beyond the Library’s control.  Check the University Events Calendar for a schedule.


C.    Process/Procedure.

  • Noise levels vary widely within the University Library. If you find one area too noisy, please try one of the lower noise areas as listed above. Areas near the service desks (reference or circulation) generally will be noisier than elsewhere.
  • Headphones may be used if noise from the headphones is not audible to others, and are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk.
  • Laptop computers may be operated, but all sound or audio features must be turned off.
  • Cell phones may be set to vibrate. If you must use your cell phone to make or receive a phone call while in the University Library, you are encouraged to use the stairwells or go outside.  Be considerate of others. 
  • If there is noise that is disturbing or disruptive in your vicinity while in the University Library, you may report excessive noise to a library staff member, who will speak to the noise makers.
  • If there is a legitimate complaint of excessive noise made against a University Library patron, that person will be asked to comply with this policy or leave the building.
  • We thank you for your cooperation in making Regent University Library a better place to study and conduct research.


D.    Contact Information.

D-1. First and Second Floor – contact the Head of Access Services or a Reference Librarian

D-2. Third Floor – contact Law Library Circulation Supervisor or Law Reference Librarian.


E.    Forms.

Comment or Suggestion Form

University Events Calendar


This policy was reviewed and approved by the university librarians on July 24th, 2012.

Noise Policy in PDF