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Regent University - Library

Policies of the University Library: Film Shoots

This guide serves as a repository for the policies created by the library faculty and staff pertaining to the University Library (not the Law Library).

Film Shoots

Overview:  This policy for video shoots will provide guidelines for requests received to film in the University Library.



A.    Definitions

B.    Policy Statement

C.    Process/Procedure

D.    Contact Information


A.    Definitions.

Video Shoots – The use of video cameras and equipment to film in the University Library.


B.   Policy.

Video shoots will be permitted in the University Library as follows:

  1. The first floor of the University Library is available for student video shoots during hours of operation.
  2. Film crews are required to check in and out with Circulation.
  3. No filming will be allowed around the Reference Desk or Circulation Desk during service hours.
  4. No access is allowed to non-public areas of the Library.
  5. Video shoot requests may be granted for a maximum of five (5) hours.
  6. All University Library policies must be followed while filming. Policy violations may result in the revoking of filming privileges within the University Library.
  7. Requests for permission to use the atrium, auditorium or lobby should be submitted to University Administrative Services: ADM 108, 757-352-4008.


C.    Process/Procedure.

Anyone requesting to film within the University Library should fill out the video shoot request form. The video shoot request forms may also be obtained at the Circulation Desk in the Library.

The Administrative Assistant to the Dean or the Head of Access Services will approve the requests.


D.    Contact Information.

Assistant to the Dean – 757-352-4185

Head of Access Services – 757-352-4152


This policy was reviewed and approved by the university librarians on May 3rd, 2013.

Film Shoots Policy in PDF