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Regent University - Library

Policies of the University Library: Food & Drink

This guide serves as a repository for the policies created by the library faculty and staff pertaining to the University Library (not the Law Library).

Food & Drink

Overview:  This policy achieves a balance between Library patrons’ social needs and the need to preserve and protect our collections, furnishings, and the other equipment. Please use discretion when bringing food and drink into the Library.



A.   Definitions

B.   Policy Statement

C.   Process/Procedure

D.   Contact Information

E.   Forms


A.   Definitions.


Snacks and/or small meals that are not messy, sticky, or too aromatic, nor in wet containers that can leave rings or residues on the tables.


Non-alcoholic beverages in bottles that can be re-closed (screw top) or in other spill resistant containers.


B.   Policy.

The University Library’s Food and Drink Policy is an effort to make the Library an inviting and comfortable place for study and research, while maximizing the continued value of the Library’s collections, equipment, and furnishings.

Leftover food attracts mice, ants, and cockroaches.  Not only are the pests unwanted company, they feed on book glues, leather bindings, and starch-filled book covers. Debris left behind from food and drink creates an unpleasant environment and limits desirable seating and studying space.

We are counting on our patrons to help us make sure that the books and computers remain safe and the building stays clean.

B-1. First and Second Floors

Food and drink are allowed in the following areas: At the study carrels and study tables, chairs or couches.

B-2. Third Floor

The third floor of the Library Building is occupied by the Law Library. Please respect the Food and Drink Policy in this area. If you have a question regarding their Food and Drink Policy please ask a Law Librarian or Law Library staff.


C.   Process/Procedure.

C-1. Limited eating and drinking are permitted within the Library’s public areas and study rooms according to the Food and Drink Policy. Use care when consuming any food and drink around computers and library materials.

C-2. Food and drink are not permitted in any area posted as “NO FOOD or DRINK”.  This includes, but is not limited to: any Special Collections area (i.e., University Archives, rare books, manuscripts), the Library Auditorium, photocopiers or printers, microfilm reader/printers, computer workstations (except water bottles), or the library book stacks.

C-3. No outside food deliveries will be received in the University Library.

C-4. Beverages in open containers, cans, mugs, glasses, or cups (without secured lids) are not permitted.

C-5. Non-alcoholic beverages in bottles that can be re-closed (screw top) or in other spill resistant containers (e.g., travel mugs, sports bottles, or water bottles) are permitted, except where no beverages are allowed.

C-6. Snacks are permitted (except for pizza, burgers and the like). Messy, sticky, or aromatic foods that leave stains or a sticky residue are not permitted.

C-7. Food and drink refuse is to be discarded in trash and/or recycling receptacles (marked specifically for bottles or cans).

C-8. Food and drink residue should be cleaned immediately with paper towels available in all restrooms. For significant spills or messes, please contact any University Library staff member immediately.

C-9. Individuals who disregard the policy will be asked to empty their unacceptable drink container, put their food away or leave the University Library.

C-10. The University Library reserves the right to suspend this policy for special library events and exhibit.

C-11. For the rights and comfort of all University Library patrons and for the protection of library materials and equipment, please adhere to the Food and Drink Policy that has been established.

C-12. The policy can only be maintained with everyone’s cooperation.


D.   Contact Information.

D-1. First and Second Floor – contact the Head of Access Services or a Reference Librarian.

D-2. Third Floor – contact Law Library Circulation Supervisor or Law Reference Librarian.


E.    Forms.

Comment or Suggestion Form


This policy was reviewed and approved by the university librarians on July 24th, 2012.

Food & Drink Policy in PDF