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Regent University - Library

Policies of the University Library: Marketing

This guide serves as a repository for the policies created by the library faculty and staff pertaining to the University Library (not the Law Library).


Overview:  This document explains the terms and guidelines set for Regent students, faculty, staff and community patrons seeking to display marketing material in the Regent University Library. 



A.    Definitions

B.    Policy Statement

C.    Process/Procedure

D.    Contact Information


A.    Definitions.

Marketing: The process of advertising or promoting an event, item or service in the Library.


B.    Policy.

Regent University Library seeks to accommodate students, faculty, staff and community patrons’ marketing requests, especially if they are seeking to promote an event that pertains to the University as a whole, or if the event is educational in nature or promotes Christian spiritual vitality on campus.  


C.    Process/Procedure.

C-1. Flat LCD Screens.

Any slides that are displayed must contain information pertinent to the University Library or Regent University. Slides pertaining to the University Library will be selected by the Library Faculty on a monthly basis, and updated on an as needed basis. Slides promoting University events will be approved at the discretion of the Library Faculty, and should be forwarded via email to the Assistant to the Dean. Promotion of non-university related events will not be permitted.

C-2. Bulletin Boards within the University Library.

Items to be displayed on the bulletin boards must meet with the approval of the Head of Access Services, and may be removed at any point at the discretion of the Dean of the University Library. Information posted must be deemed relevant to Regent students, faculty or staff in order to be approved. Patrons wishing to display an item on the bulletin boards must contact the Head of Access Services for approval. Library staff will post the approved material. Marketing material containing information such as a room for rent or a service to be performed may be displayed at the discretion of the Head of Access Services. This is the only location in the University Library where such forms of personal advertising is permitted to be displayed. Material posted or placed in any other locations will be discarded.

C-3. Reference and Circulation Desk.

Flyers and post cards displayed on the reference and circulation desks must pertain to the University Library, and must be approved by the Dean of the University Library before displaying. Nonapproved materials will be discarded.


D.    Contact Information.

Assistant to the Dean – 757-352-4185

Head of Access Services – 757-352-4152


This policy was reviewed and approved by the university librarians on May 28th, 2013.

Events Policy in PDF